What is a Science Slam?
Young scientists present their own research findings in 10 minutes, live on stage! This means getting away from normal conference jargon so that everyone in the audience can understand you, not just those representing their own discipline – there’s no stage for that. The stage is therefore open to any discipline.
What are the rules?
A Slam lasts for a maximum of 10 minutes, essentially consisting of your own research findings and should be understandable and entertaining. So anything is possible! (fire prevention regulations must be observed, though)
Slam with us!
Fancy trying something new or have you already got a taste for it on another stage? Register with us – we can help you to prepare and will rock the stage with you. Become part of our international network – we hold Slams in Germany, the UK, the USA, the Ukraine and Russia, amongst others (and new countries are always being added). Register with us at: info-at-policult-punkt-de
Make your own Slam!
Fancy organizing Slams, either in the U.S. or abroad? Register with us – we’ll tell you how to do it and provide you with all kinds of support, too.